Thanks to your overwhelming response to my recent email on the success of the “Young Guns” of franchising.  Many of you have emailed me and asked me to send you examples so I thought that I would send out this followup.

So lets look at a couple of industries that may be of interest and where significant changes has occurred.

First is the executive model franchises.  These are businesses that are in home remodeling, restoration services, and child education franchises which in the past were considered to be more owner operating models.  By replacing the older model with a new executive model franchisors are now able to attract a different kind of franchise owner and have experienced new energy in their business.  The idea is to find the business leader who has the experience and skill to build a company and let him build a team around the execution of the concept.  In most cases the business owner does not perform the work he is the business leader who builds the business..

Here are a couple of examples of companies who have successfully bridged the gap:

Kitchen Tune Up- Kitchen restoration- Can be home based or retail..Low investment highly ranked with Entrepreneur Magazine.

Shelf Genie- Building and installing glide out shelving. Executive model with No inventory..No employees…Home based…very scalable. Relatively low investments

Budget Blinds  – Window coverings..Home based executive model with no inventory, no employees, no warehouse, and no installation by the business owners.  Very scaleable.

360 Painting-   Home interior and exterior executive model with no employees, no inventory, and no painting on the business owners part.

(click on the links below each company and you will get short synopsis of the company…if you find the synopsis interesting fill out your name on the form at the bottom of the page.  It is not necessary to fill out anything else since I already have the rest of your information.  Enter the code and hit the return interest key.  That will send your interest back to me and I will follow up. Important:  Unlike other searches that you do on the internet no one will be getting this information but me so you will not be getting any annoying calls)

These are just some of the executive models that are out there but there are literally hundreds of other examples in almost any industry.  Happy exploring…

Stay tuned next I will cover the professional coaching and service franchises that are exciting models.