I have been a movie guy ever since I was with Blockbuster Video back in their early days. Isn’t it funny how movies inspire us, make us think, make us laugh, make us cry, and make us relate to things that are happening in our daily lives.

I was speaking with Ray last Sunday during a call and he reminded me of one of the movies that is on my go to list. GroundHog Day…

Ray explained that his daily activities at work were so tedious that he could hardly think about dragging himself out of bed each day to go to work. Up at 6, home at 5 to bed at 9 and so on. He said that his days were so predictable that he could almost go through his routine blindfolded. Let’s face it we have all been there…

If Ray had not been so serious I may have started laughing because he was living the life that Bill Murray lived in the movie GroundHog Day

Unlike Bill’s character in the movie Ray does not see an opportunity to improve his life at his present job…He is stuck in a cage much like the furry little animal that shows up once a year. He is desperately trying to break out of his routine and discover himself in a much more positive light but he is stuck in a time warp.

Ray and I are charting a new course through business ownership. We have started with the fundamentals; building a plan for his business ownership. What are the things that his current situation lacks, how can he best use his skills, what are his financial goals, and finally what is going to unlock the cage to making him “feel alive again”.

Once we have developed a plan we will begin to look at companies that can bring his plan to the marketplace.

Going through this process together has taken all of the guess work out of searching for the right business for Ray. Just discussing the possibilities has put the spring back in Ray’s step and he is moving ahead confidently. I’ll keep you posted on Ray’s progress, but my guess is that when Punxsutawney Phil comes out next year Ray will see his life in a whole new light.

If you are feeling like your present situation has you stuck in Groundhog Day do you have a plan on how to get out? If not let’s chart a course together http://www.matchprofranchising.com/. Oh and by the way if you have not seen Groundhog Day rent it tonight it is a classic.