Think back to the very beginning of your franchise search when you first clicked on that franchise ad.  You probably asked yourself this single crucial question.  How do I find the best franchise company for me?

Fact is that for most people sifting through the thousands of franchise options that exist is just too hard and many people just give up.

Want a tip…Analytics.

I am a big believer in having analytics to guide your business strategies and measure your effectiveness.  I am also a big supporter of the franchise companies that have spent the time and resources to develop the platforms to support analytics for their franchise partners.

Think about it this way…most solid franchise companies have multiple franchisee offices or business in operation.  Among all of their operations and all of their franchise partners they have seen from a macro level all kinds of marketing, training, operational and people resource programs. They know what has worked and what has not.  As a future business owner would you not you want to know those things before investing your capital.

Although most franchise companies support parts and pieces of this process there are a few companies that have far superior analytics platforms.  Having the ability to micro manage the details of your business strategy and measure your progress to me is a game changer.

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