You know those things that just catch your eye. You see or hear about them and they just have something different that seems so smart.

I was traveling home from a business meeting and reading about Blake Mycoskie the founder of Tom’s shoes. For those who have not heard of Toms they are one of those companies that have interrupted the entire casual shoe industry.

Tom’s sells shoes however they do it with a major twist. For every pair of shoes that they sell they donate a pair. Now there are conservatively thousands of shoe company’s that offer similar shoes to the Tom’s brand but in 6 years they have given away more than 35 million pairs of shoes (by the way that means that they have sold 35 million as well).

Market interruption can happen in many different ways and in almost any industry.  Companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook have forever changed the industries and consumers in their spaces.

In Franchising market interruption happens more subtly, often times embedded in the actual franchise model of companies. It might be a particular unique process, it might be a unique revenue model, it might be an underserved market or a piece of technology.

I make the argument that finding these kinds of companies should be at the forefront of every franchise search. Want my list of the 10 franchise companies who are redefining their industries. Email me at pete@matchprofranchising or shoot me a text at 619-517-3124.