Subject: How to Get Paid for your Passion

Where will you add the greatest value?  Doing work that you’re good at, but you loathe or are quickly bored with, is not a path to lifetime fulfilment.

Too often we undervalue our strengths, skills and the expertise that we naturally acquire over time. But if you reframe the concept of “adding value” through the lens of solving problems, then you can ask yourself, “What am I uniquely well placed and equipped to help solve in a workplace, career, organization or industry?”

Think about the kinds of problems you enjoy solving (running a business is really daily problem solving)  and what problems you feel passionate about solving.  Then imagine starting every day getting focusing on leveraging your natural strengths rather than fighting through problems that require bolstering a weakness.

Understanding your true value requires personal assessment (here’s a Myers Briggs-like free one [link]) or feedback from trusted friends or relatives. I created my company to help people discover how to match business ownership where their natural talents and skills meet their personal passions.

I’m one of those lucky people who gets to live his passion. I connect people with opportunities that inspire them, feel alive and realize their limitless potential.

Let’s schedule a 30-minute free Alive Assessment. You tell me what you’re passionate about, and I’ll share ideas with you on how to make money with them in business.