If you are a golf enthusiast like I am you are probably in awe of the young talent that is dominating the golf world.  The Tiger and Phils of golf have been replaced by new names like Jason and Jordan.  It is exciting to watch the next chapter of golf unfold in a very different way.

I believe that the recent success of this younger generation is due to fact that they have learned the lessons from the old guard and they applied those lessons in an effort to build a more sustainable and consistent result.  As an example:  Players are more involved with the technology that they play with, they are better at matching their golf strengths with the tournaments that they decide to play in, they are more athletic in their approach to the game, and the support teams that they put in place are much more sophisticated than before.

This doesn’t mean that the Tigers of golf are gone for ever but the insurgence of the Young Guns has made their job much harder and in a lot of ways are changing the old guards approach to their game.

Franchising is very similar to golf in this respect…It had the old guard cleaning companies, or service business where you were basically buying a job.  Results were good and dependent on which franchise you were in if you wanted to be an owner operator you could do pretty well…

Enter the “Young Guns” of franchising..companies that have taken the lessons from the old guard and built new highly productive sophisticated models that are more defined, higher income producing, more engaging than before.

As an example: Many of the service based models have been retooled to be more of an executive model where a highly functional executive owner applies his business development skills to the business side of the concept and he hires people to perform the actual skilled labor of the jobs. This allows the businesses to grow much quicker and bigger than before.  You see this model in virtually ever industry from junk collection companies, to national locksmith companies, to home repair, and child education centers.

In addition technology has brought to franchising new concepts that support telemedicine, computer related franchises, coaching and consulting companies, social media and marketing companies, and new restaurant and retail companies.

All of this said the “Young Guns” in franchising are opening up opportunities for a broader range of people, from broader backgrounds, and broader skills.  This ain’t you daddy’s franchise system anymore..Want to be a part of this ? I would like to help 619-517-3124